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Going Green With Building Renovations in Brisbane.

As one of Brisbane's builders that focus on providing environmentally sustainable homes, we take pride in our ability to lessen the  environmental impact of your new home.

We understand that when you are planning your ideal home - whether its a renovation or a new build - you will probably have some idea of environmentally sustainable practices you want to include. that's where we can help you.

The core philosophy behind Eco Building Services is our ability to utilize the existing structure of your home and bring it up to date , while lessening the environmental impact of the build through clever recycling and minimising waste.


How Can We Make Your Home Environmentally Sustainable?

For your project there are a number of sustainabilility practices that we will use, including:

  • Using low impact construction materials where possible
  • Recycling construction demolition and reusing material where we can
  • Reducing our carbon footprint in supply and construction
  • Renovating or refurbishing instead of demolishing                                                

Of course , if you have your own ideas of which environmentally sustainable practices you want to use in your project - just let us know. We work with your sustainability framework to deliver the home you have always wanted.


Why We Care About The Best Queenslander Renovations.

One of the biggest ways we are passionate about environmental sustainability is by saving Brisbane's beautiful old character homes.


The older Queensland homes - whether thay are traditional Queenslanders, Federation style, Cottages, Bungalows or Fibro - all have one thing in common: great hardwood frames.


These hardwood frames make them a perfect starting point for your modern home - which means you don't have to completely demolish what you already have.


Some of the best QLD renovations have taken place under our team and our experience in environmentally sustainable building practices mean our carpenters will create something truly magical from your existing Queenslander.


Is That Eco Friendly?

There are so many products available that all try to sell themselves as 'environmentally sustainable' but, how can you actually be sure?

The team at Eco Building Services recommendst hat if you are thinking of incorporating sustainable items into your project that you look at the , Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) website


As a company , all of our employees share the same vision : To save Brisbane's beautiful old character homes - one project at a time.