Dealing with Asbestos in your Brisbane Renovation

Dealing with Asbestos in your Brisbane Renovation
May 11, 2019 Fiona
Asbestos removal masked man removing asbestos sheets

Asbestos – A common headache for any Brisbane Renovation Builder

As a Brisbane Renovation Builder we consistently come across asbestos.

Did you know that asbestos was used in over 3000 different products?

That are a lot of different products, and many of these were used in the building industry.

Another common misconception is that Asbestos was used up until the 1980’s which is incorrect

Asbestos was not banned from use in Australia until 2004 (31st December 2003 to be exact)

So if your home was built prior to 2004 – there is a fair chance that you have asbestos somewhere, so don’t take any chances – Always use accredited companies for removal and testing!.

How to deal with suspected Asbestos in your home

Dealing with Asbestos is a common occurrence for any Brisbane Renovation Builder, and as such we have had to put into practice a failsafe method for dealing with this controlled substance.

  1. The material has been Positively identified as Asbestos by way of visual inspection. That is we have seen the honey comb on the back, or it has a stamp or sticker attached stipulating it either contains or does not contain asbestos
  2. If there are no stickers, then we automatically assume it IS asbestos, until we have had it correctly identified

How to identify and deal with Asbestos in your Brisbane Renovation?

If you have identified suspect material, the first thing you need to do is identify if it is indeed asbestos

There are a number of great companies who deal with Asbestos in Brisbane, and can come to you and collect a sample and test it for you

Do you have suspect material and want to know what to do?

Eco Building Services always tests all suspect material, so we use and highly recommend the following awesome partners-

Asbestos Eliminator – These guys are awesome and come to you for all Asbestos removals.

SERS – These are the guys you want to speak with in regards to testing suspect material. They will come to you and collect samples for testing

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