Why you should Renovate your Banyo Post War home!

Banyo Builder – Why you should renovate your Banyo Post War home!
March 16, 2019 Fiona

An introspective from a Banyo builder!

Banyo – the recently re-discovered suburb with it’s succinct village vibe, has really come of age, but this Banyo builder has mixed emotions!

Having raised our kids here Banyo holds a very special place in our heart – and always will. Watching the kids grow up through the local school we made a lot of friends  Friends who grew up in the district! Friends who knew the history of the place from first person experience! It hasn’t managed to halt progression, with its new supermarket recently being built.

Many thought Banyo would lose it’s village vibe. But it hasn’t. Not really! However as a Banyo builder, what we have noticed more and more, is the destruction of it’s old timber homes. These old girls are absolutely steeped with history.


Banyo – Formerly Clapham Junction

World War 2 saw the area, formerly known as Clapham Junction, transformed from a sleepy farming pastoral land owned by the likes of James Robinson and his sons (Robinson rd) and William Purchase (Purchase st) transformed into a busy village.

During WW2 the US Army had a base and built those awesome hangers on Tuffnell rd that are still standing today. The first Banyo Builders to really develop the area were actually the US Engineer corp.

In 1947 the Golden Circle cannery, an Aussie Icon, was built to process locally grown Pineapples. This in turn injected work into the local area after the war. Thats when these charming cottages started popping up all over the place.


Banyo’s Post War Homes – Why you should renovate them!

These small Post War cottages were built with locally sawn and milled hardwood. The hardwood makes them stronger than modern houses built by todays Banyo Builders. The reason being the hardwood frames were morticed and tenoned back then. A Mortice and tenon, is an Interlocking hardwood joint between top/bottom plate and stud of a wall frame that remains more secure than nails alone. So these old girls are a brilliant starting point to build a sustainable modern abode out of.

in ground pool in Post War Brisbane home after renovation

Using the existing small cottage as the backbone to your home- You can extend and and renovate your Banyo Post War Home and turn it into a beautiful new luxurious home .

Integrating strength and character, with modern luxuries like stone topped new kitchens and floor to ceiling tile in the ensuite. A custom designed extension for you home, competitively priced against a knock dow and re-build. The sustainable approach to preserving Banyo’s beautiful old cottages and village feel, while living in modern luxury.

If this sounds like the ultimate to you.

Get in touch with Eco Building Services now, and let us show you how easy it is!

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