Bathroom Renovation – Avoiding the unsightly step up

Bathroom Renovation – Avoiding the unsightly step up
May 18, 2019 Fiona

Avoiding that unsightly step up in your new bathroom renovation

In this video, we show you a simple hack we use to avoid those unsightly step ups into bathrooms when completing a bathroom renovation in an old Queenslander Home or an old Workers Cottage

Video transcript – Avoiding step ups in bathrooms

Hey guys here we are at the Wooloowin project

again, just wanted to take you through this massive ensuite

This gorgeous ensuite. What I wanted to discuss at the moment

is, we are just prior to waterproofing stage, so the plastering’s been done

We’re just about to put the cornice up top, and then we’re going to waterproof. Once the waterproofing

Has been done, we need to put a wet bed. The wet bed is usually around 40-50mm

To all the tiles and all that to flow

Towards this drain that you can see in the middle here because we’ve got living area downstairs

Now, that creates a step up into the bathroom, you’ve probably seen them when

you walk into a bathroom you’ve got that 40mm step up. To me, that’s

a bit of an issue. I don’t like this step ups. So what we’ve done in this

particular project, you can see through the walk-in robe there

what we’ve done is that we’ve actually elevated that section. I’ll walk

over to here, now you can see what we’ve done is

put 19mm ply down as battens, and we’ve laid them

directly on top of the joists underneath, we haven’t bothered taking the flooring out

as we are going to have carpet through here. And then on top of that we are going to put yellow tongue flooring

To allow for carpet. So what thats done is with your 19mm + 19mm

we’ve managed to bring it up 38mm, just under the 40mm, with the carpet

you’re not really going to notice, and that will give us a really smooth step going

straight from here, into the ensuite. There’s no step

up or anything, and the whole of this upstairs level, and we’ve got another bathroom

as well over there. The whole upstairs level will all be

one level, no step ups, no set downs, or anything like that. So that’s one way we get

around it in these older Queenslander homes and cottages

Have a good one guys!

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