Bathroom Renovations – The hidden Dangers!

Bathroom Renovations – The hidden Dangers!
March 23, 2019 Fiona

Bathroom Renovations – The Hidden Dangers

So you are embarking on bathroom renovations and thinking about doing it yourself? What could go wrong?

Turns out that there is PLENTY that could go wrong, and usually does. Follow this advice and avoid the pitfalls, therefore keeping your family safe!

Asbestos – the silent killer

Okay, so we have all heard of asbestos by now, right?  But, do you know what it is and where it can be found? Asbestos is a deadly fibre that causes lung cancer and asbestosis. These fibres are invisible to the naked eye, which means they can ONLY be viewed through a microscope. Asbestos fibro sheets were commonly used in bathrooms right up to the 90’s – not the 80’s as most people believe. In fact Asbestos wasn’t banned as a building product until 2000’s

Important Fact!

Did you know that Asbestos was also used to make decorative vinyl tiles. If you have vinyl tiles in your bathroom – there is a fair chance it is asbestos tiles. Always get all samples checked before you begin ANY demolition on your bathroom. Asbestos experts are able to come to your home and safely collect a sample and issue you a clearance certificate

louvred window in Brisbane ensuite renovation project

Brittle Plumbing

The plumbing behind your bathroom wall is affectionately known as the “Trombone” because of the way it looks. This trombone is mass produced and the connections are usually soldered together. Over time the joins get hard and brittle. What this means is that if you knock them too hard, there is a really good chance you will weaken the join and the weld. This is very likely to happen during the demolition stage,  which can eventually cause a catastrophic failure behind the wall.

When doing full bathroom renovations, ALWAYS ensure that you get the plumbing flipped out after the demolition is complete. These days most plumbers will install PEX which is a plastic type pipe. It is very cost effective and not prone to failure.

wall hung vanity in bathroom


Waterproofing seems like an easy part of the job right?  The reality is, this is one area you don’t want to get wrong. You’ve probably seen the contestants on the block rush through this stage, right? I can assure you that every tiler, builder and waterproofer watching the Block cringes when they see the waterproofing stage get rushed. You need to ensure that each coat has had time to dry and cure prior to installing the tiles. This is often a 3 day process at a minimum, and has become a specialist trade these days, as some membranes can and do affect tile adhesive.

Hope you have enjoyed these 3 danger zones for bathroom renovations

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