How to find the Best Brisbane Renovation Builder - For your project!

How to find the Best Brisbane Renovations builder?
March 9, 2019 Fiona

How to find the best Brisbane renovation builder – for your project! Every time!

Are you looking to renovate your home or ad an extension? The number one step in the process should be finding the best brisbane renovation builder for your project. this is easier said than done, so we are going to divulge some industry insider information to help you through this minefield.

Where to find the right Builder, and what to avoid!

This process is far easier than you can imagine – especially in todays technological world. The obvious choice is Google searches. Type in your search term that correlates to your project and hit search. Seems simple right! But most people don’t delve too deep into the search. Don’t be scared of getting stuck into the 3rd to 9th pages

HOUZZ is another brilliant little platform that allows you to search through the builders works and check their projects out.

Brisbane Builder looking at plans

Best Brisbane Renovation Builder


Instagram – This is a brilliant social platform that allows builders to showcase their works, and you get to see a little of their systems and processes

Facebook is another place you can search for the best brisbane renovations builder. The search option on this platform can turn up some promising results

Platforms to avoid at all costs.

The great thing about using the social platforms and search platforms listed above is that it puts you in control.The following websites, although they may seem like a great idea, actually remove control, and dictate to you! Hipages and Oneflare and their ilk are websites where you are able to list your project and have builders contact you. The problem with these types of sites is that they limit the number of builders usually to 3, and you have no control over who will contact you.

Iv’e found the best 3 builders for my project. Now what do i do?

Now that you have narrowed down your selection, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty.

  • Ask what type of Project Management systems they have in place
  • Check their Licensing details through your states governing body. in Queensland it’s the QBCC
  • Ask for an example of their quote – A thoroughly detailed quote will eliminate misunderstandings
  • Ask to speak with former clients – A trail of happy customers are great testimonials to the builders skills.
  • Follow your gut – First impressions are everything. At your first meeting if you feel somethings not quite right, follow your gut. Renovating a home can be a stressful time, the best Brisbane renovation builder are cool under fire

The benefits of selecting your builder on quality not price.

Extending your home can be a step towards the growth and happiness of your family. Selecting your builder on quality over price is the way to get there!

  • Less chance of defects in the short and long term
  • Less chance of budget blowouts caused by “Lowballing” or under quoting.
  • More control over your project from the outset.
  • Less stress during the build, ensuring an enjoyable process.

Are you ready to discuss a home extension? Contact Eco Building today! We take care of the entire design process, working with some of Brisbane’s best architects to take the hard work and stress out of the equation.

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