How To Bring The Beauty Back Into Your Queensland Home

How to Bring The Beauty Back Into Your Queensland Home
February 22, 2018 admin

The sunshine state: home to the best beaches, the friendliest people and the most beautiful Queenslander homes. It’s never too late to restore your home’s charm and style.

We are about to start work on a stunning Queenslander home in Wooloowin. Unfortunately, the years have worn this old girl down a little bit, but with some time and love from the Eco Building team, she will be back to turning heads.

This got us thinking, the sunshine state is home to some seriously gorgeous Queenslander homes. Their hardwood frames and sturdy timber materials are second to none. Rather than demolish these masterpieces, why not restore and renovate them? That’s where we come in. We’re Brisbane’s leading sustainable home design experts.

Here are our top tips to bring the beauty back into your tired Queenslander home:

1. Give your home a facelift

You would be amazed at how dramatic a fresh paint job is. It can reinvigorate your home both internally and externally. Opt for light and bright colours inside to really lift the space. Your exterior paints are where you can get creative. There has definitely been a surge in dark, dramatic exterior paint jobs, but if you’re more traditional, you can never go wrong with light, earthy and simple colour palettes.

2. Upgrade your kerbside appeal

While we’re talking about quick beauty-fixes, it’s worth discussing landscaping. Dress your Queenslander home up with lush green grass and Aussie natives. If you’re lucky, your Queenslander will have a large tree or two in its classic large style block. Make the mature tree a focal point of your landscaping! Not only will it have a stunning visual effect, it will also provide more shade for your home and be a playground for imaginative kids.

3. Accentuate the positives

Too often we see renovations take place that completely strip Queenslanders of their character. It makes us so sad! If you have a Queenslander and are wanting to renovate – rather than removing the fretwork arches and vintage windows panes, restore and repurpose them!

4. Keep the iconic verandahs

It can be tempting to infill the verandahs to add more room to your home. But by doing this, you will lose an integral part of the Queenslander style. Queenslander homes are meant to have the wide verandahs around the home for a number of reasons:

  • Offer plenty of shade around your home (encouraging cooler air and lower air conditioning bills).
  • Provide the perfect outdoor living space to enjoy alone with a book or for a friendly weekend BBQ.
  • Allow you to enjoy the iconic Queensland lifestyle where outdoor and indoor living intersect.

5. Add a level

Queenslanders are traditionally a single-level raised home. If you have a growing family or are craving more space why not build underneath? You can either stick to the traditional kitchen and living area upstairs spanning out onto the verandahs or follow more recent trends and move the kitchen and living areas downstairs so it can spill out onto the backyard. The choice is all yours!

If you couldn’t tell, renovating and refurbishing old Queenslanders is something we are super passionate about. If you think it’s time your home gets the love and attention it deserves then contact us today!

And if you want to follow our journey as we restore an iconic home in Wooloowin be sure to follow us on Instagram @eco_building_services!

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