Brisbane Bathroom Renovations – Talking Tiles

Brisbane Bathroom Renovations – Talking Tiles
April 6, 2019 Fiona

Tile Selection – Tile medium

Selecting the right tiles for your Brisbane bathroom renovation is absolutely critical

In this article we will explain the do’s and don’t of tile selection for your bathroom.

So, lets start with the types of tile you can select for your bathroom renovation, and how they effect your budget

There are a few different types of materials used for tiles

Ceramic Tiles – These are the most common type of tile and the cheapest to lay!

The reason ceramic is easy cheaper to lay is because it is softer and therefore easier to score and snap

Vitrified – Also known as your Porcelain tiles. These are usually more expensive to lay as they need to be cut with a wetsaw. They are too hard to score and snap like the ceramic tiles

Natural Stone – These are the most expensive to lay as they are usually extremely hard and require a lot of time to cut on a wet saw

timber look tiles in Brisbane ensuite renovation

Dark tiles on the floor and light on the walls will ensure you bathroom is easier to keep clean

Tile selection – Colours & Style

Now that you have an idea of how tile selection can affect your bathroom renovation budget, we need to discuss colours and styles

Remember your bathroom is a wet area where people go to get clean

The direct result of that is the environment gets dirty.

I know, its very obvious, but this has direct bearing on the colour tiles you should use.

You see, your bathroom floor is likely to get the most traffic with dirty feet/shoes and water.

With this combination it makes sense to stay away from light colours right?

So when selecting tiles for your floor, try to opt for a darker tile with darker coloured grout.

This combination will go a long way to keeping your bathroom looking nice and clean

Light tiles and light grout will very quickly darken and show dirt.

Your bathroom walls will have much less traffic and as a result you have more to play with here.

If you have a sizeable bathroom, you can experiment with darker wall tiles

If your bathroom is on the smaller size, you may wish to keep to lighter coloured tiles to open the room up

Tile lay Patterns

Next we need to speak about the pattern you want to lay your tiles

The three most common styles are

  • Stack Bond
  • Stretch Bond
  • Herringbone

Stack Bond

Stack bond pattern is as the name suggests. The tiles are laid stacked one on top of the other with clean straight grout lines

Stretch Bond

Stretch Bond tile pattern is where you lay the tiles so they stretch or overlap, just like bricks. Obviously this is more achievable with your subway style tiles as opposed to square tiles


Herringbone is a very popular style for feature walls. It is a little bit more difficult to set up and lay and therefore can be cost prohibitive to do a whole bathroom. However they can look stunning on the floor, and definitely lift a bathroom if incorporated as a feature.

A great place to incorporate this feature is one wall of your shower enclosure.

Another great alternatively is inside a niche in the wall

Stretch Bond Format – Looks like bricks

Stack Bond Format – Stacked one on the other – Straight lines

Herring Bone Format

Stackbond Tiles


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