Brisbane Custom Homes – Avoid the pitfalls

Brisbane Custom Homes – Avoid the pitfalls
April 13, 2019 Fiona

Brisbane Custom Homes – Avoid the pitfalls

If you are thinking about building a Brisbane custom home and not quite sure how to start – then read on!

In this article we will explain how you can ensure your custom home project is designed and built to your budget!

But before we get into it – here is a startling fact-

Did you know that up to 80% of custom home designs – NEVER GET BUILT!

Sobering thought isn’t it

Imagine spending in excess of $10,000 on plans and engineering, only to find that your custom home project is over budget

The reality is that this far more common than it should be – and it is always the builder who bears the brunt of the unhappy client

Why a feasibility study is so important

The old Design Quote Build process is broken

What does this mean?
It means that the old style of building your Brisbane custom home-

  • Getting plans done,
  • Obtaining three quotes from builders
  • Finally getting your project built

is the reason why there are so many horror stories about builders out there.

Let me explain.

Lets just say you approached 3 builders to quote your project and 2 builders cam in at 20% & 30% over your budget, and the third builder came in at 5% over budget

Which builder would you choose?
The reality is that on a $150,000 project you would most likely choose the third builder right

Here’s the problem- What if that third builder missed things in the plans? What if the other 2 builders actually saw an item that reflected their price, and this item was missed by the third builder?

You know there is a hefty variation coming!

This is the reality when you select your builder on Price rather than quality

So whats the answer to building a custom brisbane home in budget?

It all starts with a collaborative process at design stage.

You see – Architects and Designers Draw plans – builders Build!

Wouldn’t it make sense then to have your builder involved during the plan stage, to keep an eye on costs and ensure that your project is achievable for your budget?

There is an added bonus to this too-

When you select your builder before going to plans stage, you are selecting them based on quality aren’t you!

And when your builder is responsible for delivering your custom house project, and responsible for your money-

Do you want a quality builder or a cheap builder?

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