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How do I choose the right builder for my project?

Choosing the right builder for your project comes down to your specific project needs, budget and other requirements. You need to find a builder you can trust and rely on to deliver your dream house. It’s also a good idea to look at testimonials to see if any match your needs, and to reach out to previous clients to hear about their experience with the builder.

At Eco Building Services, we understand that every project is different, and therefore should be treated that way. We’ll always take the time to listen to your project requirements to ensure we are the perfect match before starting.

Do I need to find a specific Brisbane renovations builder?

Yes! All builders specialise in different fields. Building a new home is a fairly simple process, since you’re starting with a clean slate, but a renovations builder needs to deal with older existing properties that quite often have been previously modified and do not meet Australian Standards. You need a building company that specialises in renovations – their years of experience will help them problem solve the vast array of issues that are bound to come up.

How long will the build take?

All projects are different and bring their own set of challenges. That’s why when we develop your quote we include a detailed timeline that shows how long your build will take. You’ll know your project’s timeline from the outset.

How involved do I have to be in the process?

This is your project, which is why we like our clients to be as involved as possible. We want to ensure your dream is achieved. One way of being involved is through our client portal that allows you to login from anywhere and follow the progress of the build closely. You can add notes, selections, photos and ideas to help us in the process.

What happens if something goes wrong during construction?

There is a higher chance of something going wrong during a renovation, over a new build – which is why it’s crucial that you choose the right builder for your project. Our contractors have been handpicked for their knowledge, skill and quality. Any issues encountered during the project will be immediately brought to your attention and we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solution within the national construction code framework.

What are the average costs of renovating a Queenslander?

Unfortunately, there is no average cost for renovating a Queenslander, since each project is unique. Project and volume builders will often quote square metre rates as they are building multiple identical homes in an area. Whereas, custom homes and renovations differ with each project – making it take vast resources to quote and cost effectively and accurately.

Will there be any hidden costs?

No! There should never be any hidden costs with your build. We spend time with you prior to your project commencing to ensure you understand exactly what you will receive. Our attention to detail at the beginning of the project means there is less chance of a variation during construction.

Who handles the approvals process?

Our approvals team looks after all council requirements. We also have a selection of architects, designers and engineers that can look after plans and engineering as required. If you have already started this process we are more than happy to work with your selected professionals.

Can I change my mind about my interior design options?

Our unique quoting system ensures we capture as much data as accurately possible right from the get-go. However, if you do change your mind, you can use our online portal to make changes and variations on the go.

What happens if there is anything wrong after the build is finished?

We understand that a finished project must go through a full four seasons of change to ensure that no issues crop up. That’s exactly why we have a 12-month defect liability period. You can rest assured that you will be happy with your finished home.

What is environmental sustainability?

Put simply, environmental sustainability is ensuring your impact on this earth is as small as possible.

What makes us eco?

A question that is often put to us is “what makes you eco?” It’s a good question. The answer is multifaceted, in a nutshell, everyone has a different concept of sustainability within the construction framework.

What we seek to do is understand our client’s philosophy and match it to their projects, within the confinements of their budget. We do that in a number of ways – recycling and repurposing materials where we can, we fine tune our take offs, minimise wastage during construction – which also saves the client money. We use FSC rated timber, low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials and we really look at the supply chains. So the chain of custody right from manufacturing, right through to retail and onto our projects.

By far the greatest thing that we do on all of our projects is we build our projects to exceed the current building standards. We want to build projects the way my father built them, and his father before him. Projects that stand the test of time; old school quality. It doesn’t matter whether we’re working on one of the old Queenslanders or a brand new sustainable home on the side of a hill; every project we work on is built with care to stand the test of time. That’s sustainability at its core. That’s sustainability.

How can I create an environmental sustainable project?

There are many different facets to building a sustainable project, and all of our clients have their own unique interpretation of what sustainability is to them. We aim to discover what your environmental ethos is and combine it with our own values to deliver the most sustainable project we can – within your budget. Apart from using sustainable products, our core philosophy is the three R’s:

  • Reuse
  • Repurpose
  • Recycle