How To Renovate Your Home On A Budget

How To Renovate Your Home On A Budget
March 29, 2018 admin

When we discuss renovations with clients who are operating on a tight budget, we always emphasise one key point: think long term.

Cutting corners when renovating frequently results in needing to replace cheap resources within a year, or sometimes even a few months.

This can end up costing you far more than you planned.

While spending your money wisely is more important than snagging a bargain, there are still ways that you can budget accordingly.

It’s all about knowing what’s worth the big bucks, and when it’s okay to let your DIY obsession loose.

Follow these handy tips to ensure you don’t experience the all-too-common home reno budget blowout!

Never skimp on the structural work.

It’s critical that if you’re rebuilding part of your home, or getting an extension put on, that you hire a fully qualified builder.

You may have dappled in woodwork at school, and have told your partner “she’ll be right” enough times to convince yourself too, but this does not make you a professional.

And no one in your household will thank you if your handiwork doesn’t pass council approval, gets torn down, and needs to be rebuilt again.

Always play it safe when it comes to the structural integrity of your home reno.

Hire an experienced builder who understands your budget restraints and can offer honest advice on where you need to spend, and where is best to save.

Know your limitations.

Similar to what we mentioned above, it’s vital to know what jobs require a skilled tradesperson.

You don’t want to be handling very expensive products yourself.

If one of the things you choose to spend big on are heavy stone floor tiles, you’re going to want a qualified tiler to lay these for you.

Breaking one could result in a full-blown argument with your better half, The Block style.

Worse yet, you’ll have to sacrifice the budget elsewhere to recover from a mishap that could have been avoided.

We always recommend hiring the services of sparkies, plumbers, tilers and plasterers, in particular.

But we know what you might be thinking – given the hourly rate that these tradies typically charge, this budget is going to be through the roof!

But it is manageable.

At Eco Building Services, we hand select all of the best tradies on our renovation team and lock down prices for their services in your quote.

This means you can plan and budget ahead of time so that no nasty surprise costs crop up along the way.

Save with DIY decor.

When it comes to decor, this is when you can let your DIY flag fly!

Hit up flea markets, auction houses, eBay, reclamation yards and second-hand furniture shops.

If you want original vintage furniture to match your classic Queenslander, these are the best places to find it on a budget.

Older pieces may require a little bit of elbow grease to get ready for use again, but if you have the time, you can save a lot of money by revamping second-hand furniture.

Choose a building company that’s serious about minimising waste.

Another surefire way to save money on your home reno is to hire a builder that is organised, prompt and serious about minimising waste.

At Eco Building, we give out incredibly detailed quotes, which take approximately fifty hours to research and compile.

We do this because we want to lock everything in from the beginning so that we know precisely what materials need ordering.

We only use what we need, and attempt to minimise offcuts wherever we can.

This means that you will only be paying for precisely what is required for your reno.

You won’t see any ‘rough estimates’ after the quote is given to you.

Our complete transparency assists our clients to make a bulletproof budget.

Looking for a builder that understands the constraints of your budget? Contact Eco Building today for honest advice and professional service.

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