Is Your Home Ready For The New Baby?

Is Your Home Ready for the New Baby?
March 28, 2018 admin

Your due date is approaching. You’ve got a closet full of tiny clothes, a giant collection of baby wipes and probably a year’s supply of newborn nappies. But is the rest of your home prepared for your new bub?

While the term ‘nesting’ usually conjures up images of painting the nursery and baby-proofing the stairs, there’s more than just wall colours to consider when you’re preparing to bring a new baby home.

Here are some of the things you can do and fix up now before you’re affected by swollen ankles and a whole lot of nervous energy!

1. Finish the renovation you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Okay, we know this is a big-ticket item. But trust us when we say, if you don’t do it now, you will regret it later! Raising a family takes a lot of time, patience and money. When you have kids, it’s easy to get sidetracked by weekend sports, mountains of laundry and a total lack of sleep. Sometimes this means the renovation of your dreams has to be put on hold, even though you really want and need it.

At Eco Building Services, we specialise in transforming the space you know and love into the dream home you’ve always wanted. We offer complete renovation and home extensions services, including organising council approvals, designing your home and constructing it. We can even provide you with your very own dedicated mobile app to allow you to follow the progress and give you greater control of your project. Don’t let your dream renovation fall by the wayside because of family commitments. Give us a call today and tick it off your to-do list.

2. Install new carpets

Once you get past the cute swaddling stage and into the crawling-all-the-time territory, you’ll constantly think about the state of your carpets and the health of your baby. There’s nothing worse than dusty old carpets that cause allergies, rashes and stress for you and your partner. Pesticides, pet dander, lead dust, and chemicals from cleaners and other household products can settle into carpet fibres. Imagine how much accumulates over the span of 5 or 10 years! At the very least, we recommend getting a deep steam clean before baby arrives.

3. Test your home for lead paint

If you live in an old apartment or home (built pre-1970), chances are you have lead paint on your walls and window frames. One of the worst sorts of lead exposure is from chipped paint and dust from the eroding paint. Sometimes the specks are so small, you won’t even notice them. Since your baby will eventually be crawling around on the floor and holding onto furniture items to learn to walk, it’s important to remove this threat safely. When it comes to lead paint, you should always call a specialist.

4. Get a bathtub

If you don’t already have a bathtub, now is a great time to get one! Once your baby has graduated from washing in their baby basin, you can introduce them to bubble baths. Bathtime is not only much easier to manage than showers, but it’s also a great way to bond with your kids and keep them occupied. Throw in some rubber ducks, toy boats and buckets, and your kids will love it too!

5. Eliminate sound and light

To protect your sanity and prevent the rest of your family from staying up all night listening to a crying baby, we recommend investing in sound-proofing. Extra wall insulation can make a world of difference (especially if you already have younger kids who get cranky when they haven’t had enough sleep). If your home is on a busy street, we also suggest getting some blackout blinds installed to stop the street lamps from keeping baby awake.

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