Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Building Company

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Building Company
February 22, 2018 admin

So you’ve decided to embark on an exciting renovation or custom home build journey. You’ve got big plans in mind, and you can’t wait to get started.

But hang on just a minute, because there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through your renovation project and realising you’ve made a huge error in judgement with the building company you chose.

Here are the three most important things you should consider before signing on the dotted line of any building contract.

1. Have they laid all of their cards out on the table?

One of our main philosophies at Eco Building Services is to treat our clients how we’d like to be treated – with complete transparency. No secrets kept, no hidden costs to be discovered down the track, and everything out in the open from the word go. Unfortunately, not all renovation builders are like this.

Things to consider:

  • Are they transparent about their project management process?
  • Do they give a fully comprehensive initial quote that leaves no surprises?
  • Have they explained what, where and when any potential extra costs might pop up?
  • Do they have an online check-in system that allows clients to view their project whenever they want?

2. Are they the right fit for your specific renovation needs?

This one is incredibly important, as all builders specialise in different fields. A teacher trained in mathematics would not be the best choice for your child’s private English tutoring, just as a builder who specialises in granny flats isn’t the ideal option for your eco-friendly home renovation.

When choosing the best builder for your project, you should look at:

  • Qualifications – if they haven’t got anything about their team’s qualifications on their website, ask them.
  • Accreditations – these should also be featured on their website, in logo format.
  • Experience – photos and details of previous projects should be included on their website or social media pages. Look for similarities between these and the project you have in mind to ensure they are capable of meeting your needs.

3. Are they going to treat you and your home with respect?

Last but definitely not least. We know that having people trample through your home is never a nice feeling. Particularly so if you’re just renovating a few rooms, so are still living in the home while work is being done. So it goes without saying that you want to make sure the renovation building company you choose aren’t going to disrespect you, your family or your home.

Things to ask/consider:

  • Do they hand pick their tradesmen themselves? How long have their tradesmen been working for them?
  • Do they seem genuinely interested in my life?
  • Do they customise my project not just to suit the physical requirements of my home but with my family’s best interests at heart?

Reading testimonials from previous clients and looking through Facebook reviews might also be helpful.

Now, we don’t like to toot our own horn, but our Brisbane Eco Building Services team is full of the most down-to-earth tradies you’ll ever meet. If you want to see whether or not we’d fit the bill for your next project, give us a call on 1300 669 136 or leave an enquiry on our website.

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